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5 Things to Know today: Creamy or crunchy?

Janet Welk
Heads up! Here are 5 things you want to know today.

Welcome to Tuesday, aka National Peanut Butter Day! Yes, whether you prefer crunchy or smooth, as long as you're not allergic, today's the day to enjoy it — on a cracker, with some jelly or just scooping the finger right around the inside of the jar. Yum.

"Peanut butter is versatile: You have the option of spreading it on something, baking it, mixing it with noodles, coating meat with it or turning it into a delicious sauce, just to name a few. Seriously, the options are endless," they say. So true.

1. So, apparently, it's going to snow tomorrow. Nobody knows how much but it could be enough to build a snowman ⛄ Or not. All depends on which way the wind blows. Gotta love weather. Dont forget the milk, eggs and bread.

2. If you love the aforementioned peanut butter on a fastnacht, this might not be your year. One of the, if not THE, go-to fastnacht maker in the Lehigh Valley says the price of eggs is prohibitive this year. When you use 250 dozen at a time, that could certainly get pricey.

3. Fifty years ago Monday, Muhammad Ali visited the Lehigh Valley. Our Jim Deegan reflects.

4. The Allentown School District is updating its curriculum in math, science, literacy and social studies with some push back from school board member Phoebe Harris, who complained the plan for the social studies curriculum is "woke."

5. ICYMI: We invite you to take our weekly LehighValleyNews.com quiz. Enjoy!