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The Debrief: Parental values clash, Saucon Valley School officials caught in the middle

Saucon Valley Middle School
Donna Fisher for LehighValleyNews.com
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Saucon Valley Middle School

When Saucon Valley School administrators approved an application to use school property for a so-called ‘After-School Satan Club’, it set off a storm of controversy.

The district later reversed its decision, and that has left some angry, including parents, on both sides of the issue. WLVR’s Brad Klein spoke with Ryan Gaylor who is covering the story for LehighValleyNews.com and WLVR.

- Saucon Valley School District first approved the request to use school property for an ‘After-School Satan Club’, then reversed its position.

- Saucon Valley Schools' superintendent Jaime Vlasaty said at a recent school board meeting that she — and even her children — have taken considerable abuse from both sides of the argument.

- 20-year-old Ceu "Van" Uk, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was arrested Monday, and charged with threatening to “come in there and shoot everybody.” Investigators allege Uk was upset about the after-school Satan club.

Gaylor says that superintendent Jaime Vlasaty has had to defend her district’s stance both when they approved the application, and again when they reversed position.

“The school district is in the unenviable position, I think, of having to thread this needle of trying to make everyone happy, which is obviously impossible,” said Gaylor.

In covering the story, he says he needs to represent the views of parents who see the issue as one about “good and evil,” and those who see it as a matter of “religious freedom and free speech.” All while recognizing that the district officials are caught in the middle.