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Easton Area School Board chooses in-house for next superintendent

Meg Sayago and Tracy Piazza
Easton Area School District
Easton Area School Board President announced Tracy Piazza, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, will be the next superintendent.

EASTON, Pa. — Easton Area School Board announced Tuesday night it intends to replace its retiring superintendent with one of the district's assistant superintendents.

Tracy Piazza, the district’s assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, if officially hired would replace David Piperato in the top job when he leaves in August.

  • Easton School Board plans to hire Assistant Superintendent Tracy Piazza as the next superintendent
  • Superintendent David Piperato will retire in August
  • Board President Meg Sayago said a search would be a waste of time and resources

Piperato's contract doesn’t expire until 2024, but he was able to exit by giving 90 days' notice.
Board President Meg Sayago said Piazza is the right choice as the next leader of the district. Sayago said Piazza has a shared vision with the board as to where the district needs to head.

“Tracy is extremely knowledgable, capable and dedicated to the Easton Area School District,” Sayago said. “She has spent her career working in the district as everything from a teacher to a principal, a director and currently as an assistant superintendent.”

Piazza has been an assistant superintendent for more than two years. She previously was a first- and sixth-grade teacher, director of elementary education and principal.

“The Easton Area School District and the community of Easton hold a place in my heart for myriad reasons, both personal and professional,” Piazza said at Tuesday’s meeting. “To be entrusted with the responsibility to lead the district is indeed an honor.”

'Perfect person to succeed him'

Sayago said the board decided against doing a search because it would take too much time and money. It was unnecessary because they had a qualified internal candidate, she said.

“She is a quiet, but strong leader who considers all possibilities when developing solutions. Her vision of the district is closely aligned with the board’s.”
EASD Superintendent David Piperato

Piperato said she is the perfect person to succeed him.

“Ms. Piazza has spent 34 years establishing relationships, honing her craft and learning the strengths and needs of the district,” he said. “She is a quiet, but strong leader who considers all possibilities when developing solutions. Her vision of the district is closely aligned with the board’s.”

Piperato currently is paid $192,674 a year. Sayago said she didn’t know whether Piazza will be offered more pay.

The district solicitors will negotiate an employment contract with her that will spell out her salary and length of term before the board votes on it at its April board meeting.

EASD also recently lost its chief financial officer and head of human resources.

The school board on Tuesday accepted the resignation of Chief Financial Officer Michael Sokoloski, who is leaving for a school district closer to his home in Schuylkill County. Bethlehem Area School District recently hired Easton’s Chief Human Resources Officer John Burrus.

Sayago said the leadership turnover is coincidental.

“We’re certainly disappointed in some of those changes, but we understand,” she said. “In some ways, it is a benefit because Ms. Piazza will be able to develop her own leadership team.”

Piazza is rewriting the school district’s curriculum, which Sayago said is part of the vision Piazza and the board share and will continue over the next few years.

The plan is to provide students with an “academically challenging program that enhances creativity, develops an ability to use technology, and encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.”