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SPONSORED CONTENT BSI Stretching on Tuesdays
SPONSORED: Stretching on Tuesdays

Stretching on Tuesdays is about the human experience. hosted by Tony DaRe, CEO of BSI Corporate Benefits. Tony describes this podcast in his own words:

The heart of this show is understanding what motivates people and what has happened in people's past, and the decisions that they've made that have been a catalyst for their lives. I've had an opportunity to meet and interact with many individuals and in a lot of cases, call them close friends and family. The thing that I love so much about them is that if I wanted to introduce them, I wouldn't lead with what they do for a living or what has made them successful that everybody knows them for. I would lead with the story that most people don't know about them and share this is why this is an awesome human being, this is an amazing story, and this is why it really resonated with me and maybe someone else. If I'm successful at Stretching on Tuesdays, that's the goal I’d like to hit. Join me and a special guest on the first Tuesday of every month for a new episode. Let’s get after it!