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Bear spotted in backyard in Palmer Township

Bear roaming a backyard in Palmer Township
Officer Jim Alercia
Palmer Township Police Department
A bear image captured on a Ring Video Doorbell

PALMER TWP., Pa. - A bear was spotted in a backyard in a neighborhood on Clover Hollow Road on Saturday.

Authorities said the male black bear was looking for easy food to prepare for hibernating in the woods.

  • A bear was seen in Palmer Township over the weekend
  • Ring doorbell camera captured a picture of the unexpected visitor
  • If you spot one outside your home, officials recommend leaving the bear alone

Palmer Township Police Officer Jim Alercia said he found a screenshot of the bear shared anonymously through his Ring Video Doorbell app.

He was able to match the image to a concerned tip that came in the morning of Oct. 15.

“Your safety can depend on your ability to calm the bear.”
National Park Service

Local and statewide officials say residents can bear-proof their homes by following a few steps.

  1. Wait until the morning of trash pickup to take garbage to the curb.
  2. Keep all food inside garbage receptacles.
  3. Remove wildlife attractions such as bird or deer feeders from your backyard.

According to the National Park Service, most bear-human encounters don’t lead to attacks, but it’s important not to let that lull you into a false sense of security.

Usually, if bears know humans are nearby they will avoid them unless desperate for food.

If you have a close encounter with a bear, stay calm and let it move along.

Officials recommend keeping your distance, traveling in groups and minimizing noise and movements. The worst thing you can do is startle or surprise a bear.