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Watching the Skies with Brad Klein: The new moon

Brad and Marty
Christine Dempsey
Brad Klein and Marty McGuire.

  • The night of Nov. 13 marks the ‘new moon’
  • Although half the moon is in sunlight, that portion faces away from Earth during the ‘new moon’
  • Starting Tuesday, look for the waxing crescent moon in the Western sky just after sunset

BETHLEHEM, Pa — Brad Klein reviews the week’s astronomical highlights with Bethlehem’s 'Backyard Astronomy Guy', Marty McGuire. This week they discuss the ‘new moon’ on the evening of Monday, Nov. 13.

According to McGuire, “We're in the phase where the moon is not visible at all because we're completely seeing the dark side of the moon. The far side of the moon is actually the one that's fully lit by the sun.”

BK Marty 16x9.jpg
Brad Klein
WLVR’s Brad Klein (l) and Bethlehem’s "Backyard Astronomy Guy" Marty McGuire

Although observers can not see the new moon in the night sky, for the rest of the week, the young crescent moon grows more visible each night. Look in the Western Sky just after sunset.