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Watching the Skies with Brad Klein | March 18-24: ISS Update

Watching the skies with Brad Klein

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Brad Klein reviews the week’s astronomical highlights with Bethlehem’s "Backyard Astronomy Guy," Marty McGuire.

This week… a look at the latest developments on the International Space Station (ISS).

ISS crop.jpg
The International Space Station as seen from Earth Orbit

SpaceX carried four new crew members to the ISS earlier this month.

The three U.S. astronauts and one Russian cosmonaut, replaced an international crew from the US, Denmark, Japan, and Russia.

The four new members of Crew-8, three men and one woman, will be performing scientific research, technology demonstrations, and space station maintenance.

The ISS is frequently visible as it passes over the Lehigh Valley, according to McGuire, either just before dawn or just after sunset.

And there will be several good evening flyovers of the Lehigh Valley this month.

Christine Dempsey
Brad Klein, left, and Marty McGuire at the SteelStacks in Bethlehem.

In order to find out when the space station will be visible, check NASA’s ‘Spot the Station’ website.

There, you can enter your location, and the site will show you when the ISS will be passing overhead. You can also sign up for email or text notifications or download a NASA mobile app.

The station looks like a bright star, moving rapidly in a straight line across the night sky.