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Update: Pike County bear cubs are getting more active

bear cam 031323.jfif
Screen shot
Baby bears on the bear cam in the morning of March 13, 2023.

PIKE COUNTY, Pa. — Bear cam fans have recently noticed the bear cubs who found refuge with their mama bear under a Pike County deck are becoming more active.

Especially at night, fans say, the cubs have been seen sitting on mom's head and other antics.

  • A mama bear and two cubs have been living under a deck in Pike County for the past couple of months
  • Experts say it should be almost time for them to move on
  • Generally, once they move out of a nesting place, they don't return

The mom and babies, snugly tucked away in the den, were found by the homeowner in late December and early January.

But their time under the deck could be coming to a close, say experts at the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

"The sow will leave with the cubs when they are about three months old (typically by early April in this region). There might be activity just outside the den for a while, but once the sow decides to go, she typically doesn't come back. She'll take the cubs to a wooded area and create a daybed, around which she'll teach them to climb trees and find food," according to the game commission website.

Early on, the game commission placed a camera that provides a 24/7 up-close view of the mom and her babies, with gratitude towards the homeowner for their enthusiastic cooperation.

People should continue to avoid disturbing hibernating bears as it can cause them to abandon their den or cubs. As wild animals, bears can become defensive if they sense danger, making it crucial to refrain from approaching them.

The game commission website also explains that it avoids naming the sow and her cubs to respect them as wild animals and urges the rest of the bears' fans to do the same.

To learn more about the black bears, watch the live stream here.