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REVIEW: HangDog Outdoor Adventure offers up thrilling course for adrenaline junkies

Brian Myszkowski
HangDog Outdoor Adventure opened its doors in Easton Friday, offering adrenaline junkies plenty of options to sate their appetite for fun, food and house-made brews with friends.

EASTON, Pa. — If you’re looking for an oasis of an obstacle course jam-packed with ziplines, balance beams and other harrowing encounters to spice up your free time, HangDog Outdoor Adventure in Easton has you covered.

The centerpiece of the spectacle, which opened to the public Friday, consists of a massive 115-element climbing course, 240-foot ziplines and a vertical free fall.

The park also offers tasty eats and house-made brews at the facility’s beer garden — a perfect way to cap off an exciting day on the course.

  • HangDog Outdoor Adventure opened its doors to Lehigh Valley adrenaline junkies Friday
  • Featuring 115 elements in its obstacle course, along with two 240-foot ziplines and a free-fall jump, the spectacle provides a wealth of excitement in two hour sessions
  • Visitors can also enjoy the food and beer garden without paying admission

It’s quite an intense experience, and it packs plenty of fun and adrenaline into a two-hour window for $59.95. Ages 5 to 7 also can get in on the fun, with a 90-minute course running $29.95.
Safety is paramount: Before you even step foot on the course, you’re suited up with a rig and shown how the dual clip system works as you make you way across a fence.

It’s a bit tricky at first, but once you get the rhythm of it, clipping in and off of the line becomes a second sense of sorts.

Long process still ahead

After getting the hang of things, visitors are able to begin making their way up the course, traversing a variety of obstacles including wobbly steps, balance beams, and, of course, the zip lines.

Those 240-foot lines offer up a rush of excitement as you accelerate through the air, and make for a perfect conclusion — or, if you’re feeling particularly energetic, the middle — of the course.

Thanks to the park's prime location, guests climbing the massive structure will be subject to some pleasantly cool breezes in a little isolated area that makes you forget you’re actually in the Lehigh Valley.

According to HangDog owner Mike McCreary, the facility will add features to keep things fresh, including a giant swing, which is set to open soon.

If you happen to fear heights, this might not be the recreational destination for you.

But those willing to take a chance can be assured that the setup has been constructed with various points of access so staff can safely guide you away or get you to the ground safely.

After making your way through all the obstacles and working up quite a sweat, you’ll definitely want to pick up some food and drinks to enjoy while relaxing in the garden.

The fried chicken is going to be the star of the show, whether you go for the tried-and-true classic version or the Instagram-able version featuring Fruity Pebbles in the batter.

Those looking for a gluten-friendly experience can enjoy a tasty pinsa pizza as well.

But the best way to cap off your day at HangDog might be with a cup of its best brews, including a wonderful witbier it had on tap Friday.

“That feels incredible after a climb,” Vice President of Business Development at Gregory FCA David Saba said after he made his way through the course.