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UFO landing: Bethlehem mayor says extraterrestrials are friendly, invites them to Festival UnBound

Micaela Hood
Bethlehem Mayor Willie Reynolds welcomed two extraterrestrials to the city on Wednesday.

  • Two space creatures 'crashed' their flying object into Bethlehem's City Hall at the same time during opening ceremonies for Festival UnBound
  • City officials said the extraterrestrials pose no threat to public safety
  • The creatures, named Head-Eye, are under the care of Touchstone Theatre, during the Festival Unbound celebration

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — A flying object belonging to extraterrestrials has crashed into City Hall, officials have confirmed.

At a news conference Wednesday night — which, curiously, corresponded with the opening festivities of the city's Festival UnBound — Bethlehem Mayor Willie Reynolds introduced the two space creatures, who were aboard the silver object when it crashed.

"Citizens of Bethlehem, our new friends have landed in our fair city and we are going to welcome them with open arms," Reynolds said.

Bethlehem Mayor and space creatures

City officials said the two "aliens," named Head Eye, are not a threat to public safety.

"Do not be concerned about their appearance," the mayor's office said. "They are very friendly nice people, um, aliens.

"Just like you would be friendly to an out-of-towner whose car is broken down, we are going to help them."

The city has hired a team of experts from Air Products to help fix their ship. Few details were provided about the crash.

In the meantime, the aliens are under the care of Touchstone Theatre, who is in charge of their well-being and hosting them as part of its Festival UnBound production.

The festival, a 10-day arts festival of original and re-imagined works, continues though Oct. 12.

Welcome to Christmas City!

Although they don't speak English, "or human," the alien creatures were able to communicate during the event by using ping pong paddles.

An eager news reporter from the Bethlehem Gazette — a publication not known to the aliens, or anyone else at the opening ceremonies ... er, news conference — asked them if they landed here because of the "giant alien welcome symbol" erected in the middle of city hall, to which they signaled, "yes."

Jesse Ruben performance

After answering a few questions from the media, the space aliens curiously watched on as entertainers performed a medley of music in Spanish and German — and local songwriters belted out inspirational and thought-provoking tunes.

A group of dancers and musicians from the Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley had the crowd moving in their seats as they performed a typical Puerto Rican bomba, while accordion player Pat Sobrinski asked them to sing along to melody he made up to usher in the guests of the evening.

ALIENS 2.jpg
Micaela Hood
The extraterrestrials scared a penguin during a press conference after they crashed into Bethlehem's City Hall.

The Head Eyes bopped their giant skulls up and down as Jesse Ruben, who is a resident artist at this year's Festival UnBound, sang "We Can," and local songstress, Sofia Hernandez performed a space-worthy tune, "Mars" about her thoughts on the climate crisis.

Even Bethlehem's first mayor and brew-master, Moravian Johann Sebastian Goundie, seemingly rose from the grave to talk up the city and invite the creatures to the Burnside Plantation for a beer-tasting.

At one point, Reynolds and his staff had to intervene when a cast of Christmas ornaments — and one brave penguin — attempted to twerk with the Head Eyes, who scared them off the stage by wildly moving their arms.

Bethlehem Mounted Police Officers were not afraid of the Head Eyes, but their horses surely were spooked.

Welcoming space creatures

"As you guys saw, these guys need a little more UFO training," Bethlehem Police Officer Wilfredo Cruz said before addressing the creatures.

"We just ask if you guys ever decide to visit us again, just utilize the top of the parking lot, just so we can free up some space."

Departure date TBD

The team of rocket scientists from Air Products need one more part to launch the broken spaceship before the Head-Eyes can safely return back to their land, Tralfamadore.

Air Products scientists fixing spaceship

"We're going to do everything we can to get this craft operating again," a spokesman said after attempts to fix the ship blew up in smoke.

The Head Eyes appeared visibly upset and made shrill noises before Reynolds extended their visit and promised more music and fun.

While they're on Earth, local experts intend to meet the creatures in hopes of dissecting additional details and conducting studies.

"I have established a rapid response communications plant, and we have linguistics experts from our local universities," Reynolds said.

Additionally, residents can meet the Head Eyes as they attend performances at Festival UnBound, including the block party at 7 p.m. Friday, when it is expected that Air Products will give an update on their departure date.