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What the hex? IronPigs unveil new uniforms inspired by folklore to ward off evil

Saturday Jersey Brand Explanation.png
Lehigh Valley IronPigs
IronPigs hex sign jersey explanation

  • The Lehigh Valley IronPigs have introduced new uniforms for Saturday home games
  • The uniforms feature a hex sign designed specifically for them
  • Players will continue to wear bacon-themed uniforms on the road

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — The Lehigh Valley IronPigs have a plan to win every Saturday home game of the 2024 season: Wearing uniforms that will help to ward off misfortune.

Adopting part of the lore of the region, a newly created hex sign will adorn the Saturday uniforms of the 'Pigs minor league baseball team as a warning to visiting teams against entering Coca-Cola Park, officials said in a release.

Furthermore, the designs are meant to bring good luck to the IronPigs and their fans, as well as anyone who wears the hex sign.

The original design, created by Brandiose, a California company that tells the stories of sports organizations, evokes Pennsylvania German icons and calligraphy.

The navy blue main fabric is piped with "red brick" (or maybe barn red?) up the front and at the end of the sleeve.

An actual hex sign that will adorn the gates into the ballpark was created by Berks County artist Rachel Yoder, an art teacher who calls herself "Big Mama Hex."

IronPigs hex sign Merchandise.png
Lehigh Valley IronPigs
IronPigs hex sign merchandise

Back to the uniforms: On the left sleeve of the jersey is the IronPigs hex sign, which includes crossed bats with a baseball in the middle, according to the release.

"In the four areas that the crossed bats produce are symbols representing the areas that make up the Lehigh Valley (starting at the bottom and moving clockwise): a pig (representing the IronPigs and Coca-Cola Park), the Easton circle/square (representing Easton’s iconic downtown), a strawberry (representing Hess’s Strawberry pies and Allentown’s history), and the Moravian Star (representing Bethlehem’s cultural history)," it said.

The elements of the hex sign also run vertically up the sides of the jersey from armpit to waist.

Players still will wear Bacon USA-themed uniforms on the road, they said.